Exciting News!
We have added the following to our Certificate of Approval
  • Piston engine helicopters up to 3175kg 
  • Turbine engine aeroplanes up to 5700kg

Welcome to Gulfstream Aviation's web page we hope that you can find out a little about our business and that it will assist you in understanding who and what we are. In short we are a CASA approved maintenance organisation that is dedicated to providing the best maintenance service. 

Opening Hours:

MONDAY - FRIDAY: 8:00AM - 04:30 PM

Hangar 55 Kittyhawk Lane

Parafield Airport  South Australia 5106

( 200 Mtrs West of the Tower)


​After Hrs 0403573538


About Us

Gulfstream Aviation performs all different types of aircraft maintenance from your scheduled 50 or 100 hourly inspections to full rebuilds and restorations.

We are approved to work on most types of aircraft up to 5700kg, on special jobs we can get an approval for heavier aircraft, with piston and turbine engines.

We are willing to offer you our services, knowledge, experience, skills and expertise to maintain, repair or enhance your aircraft to your requirements and serviceability plus we can offer fixed price servicing.

We have all the equipment and personnel with over 50 years of experience to carry out a large variety of work, from your scheduled maintenance to break downs and recovery.

We are capable of looking after a large variety of fixed-wing aircraft such as Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft, Diamond, Cirrus, Warbirds and more.

We have a licensed engineer with a PPL who can fly out for break downs, perform pre-purchase inspections and we also have other staff with CPL’s who can ferry your aircraft for you with our pick up & drop off service.

The larger the job is the more discount we will give you on our hourly rate for the labour.

We have a fully qualified painter for any paintwork requirements from small touch-ups to a full re-spray.

We have an in-house licensed avionics technician who specialises in avionics upgrades where no job is too small or too large. 


If you have any questions please call and speak to Ben on 08 8281 9798 or 04 03573538.


CEO Career Experience

I have been working in the aviation industry for over thirty years in Europe, USA and most recently in Australia. I hold an Airline Transport Licence and have extensive world wide operational experience in command of large passenger transport aircraft, most recently operating the Airbus A330. 

I have previously held the positions of Chief Executive Officer and Accountable Manager for four different airlines, two airlines in Europe and two airlines in Australia.  

I have solid management experience in all aspects of airline operations and training. These include aircraft maintenance, aircraft acquisition, pilot training. I have been in the forefront of introducing both Quality and Safety & Quality Management Systems into the businesses that I have worked for. 

Our Services


  • ​Light Aircraft maintenance

    • Cessna

    • Piper

    • Beechcraft

    • Partenavia

    • Aerospace

    • SIDS inspections

  • Cessna single-engine specialists

  • Aircraft Strip & Repainting

  • Interior Repairs & upholstering

  • Total Aircraft refurbishing

  • Avionics Upgrades


Current Projects

  • North American B-25 Mitchell Bomber to get flying again